The River House Project reclaims a turn-of-the-century elementary school, meticulously and historically restored to its original glory, to create a stunning and spacious work studio space in the city of Hudson, NY. With a focus on film, media, design and innovation professionals, it is the first such facility in the region. Over four floors of light-filled former classrooms, River House Project will serve the region’s growing creative economy by providing offices, studios and creative suites for industry professionals.

Productions will benefit from NY State Film Tax-Credits available (fully refundable credit of 40 % of qualified production costs and post-production costs incurred in New York State); River House will be a NY State Qualified Post-Production Facility, nearby Basilica Hudson is a Qualified Production Facility.

After decades of abandonment, this historic building was brought back to life through co-founders Melissa Auf der Maur’s and Tony Stone’s vision to save the historic building while fostering creativity, culture and collaboration to assure it remains an anchor within the community. This one-of-a-kind professional workspace will allow the growing creative sector to take further root in the region.

RHP serves as a model of energy efficiency and exemplary reuse, reconstructed to retain its stately and solid structure as well as much of its historic appointments. It artfully marries cutting-edge technology with elegant, historic architecture.